Introduction to Waihola

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Milburn Lime Fossils
These Whale and Dolphin fossils recently found in the local limestone are 24 million years old and are on display with a pictorial history of limestone and phosphate mining, in the Milburn area, datin

Milton Butchers Museum
Have you seen the Milton Butchers Museum? Dedicated to the history of butchery in New Zealand. Have a butcher’s hook (a look) at the world’s only known butchery museum, a treasure house of

Milton Information Centre and Tokomairiro Museum
Regional Visitor Information Centre providing accommodation, activities and transport information throughout New Zealand. Internet access available.

The stories of industry, agriculture and

The Vat-t-can Gallery
Stop for a while at the Vat-t-can Gallery. Inside this restored church, which is surrounded by a lovely cottage garden, are a number of paintings and decorated glass art as well as other country gifts

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