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Costal Otago & Southland
Costal Otago & Southland
Dunedin - Freedom Camping

If you are a freedom camper coming to Dunedin, this page and the link below will tell you all you need to know before you get here.

Dunedin is the perfect place for freedom campers to explore. We are working towards becoming a sustainable visitor destination, so we ask that visitors play their part in contributing to the area's well-being while enjoying our magnificent natural resources.

Specifically, we ask all visitors to please:
  • Refrain from toileting on the ground and/or in the bush/forest.
  • Discharge motorhome or campervan black water (sewage) and grey water (sink and hand basin water) at designated wastewater dump stations only.
  • Place litter in rubbish receptacles.
  • Refrain from using our waterways for bathing, washing clothes or dishes.
  • No outdoor fires may be lit without a permit.

Where can I camp?
Assume nothing - always ask "Where can I camp?" and check the availability of freedom camping services in the area. Below are some of the services available in the Dunedin area.

Dunedin i-SITE Visitor Centre
Call in and ask the friendly staff at the Dunedin i-SITE for a free flyer that will help you get maximum enjoyment from your visit to Dunedin. We can offer free advice, information and bookings for all Dunedin visitor attractions, activities and accommodation.

We can also help with information and bookings for transport, accommodation and activities for the rest of New Zealand. The centre is also home to a souvenir store and close to all central city amenities.

Sewage cassettes and sink-water tanks
Most local holiday parks and some petrol stations have dump stations for customer use. Please refer to the link below.

Rubbish disposal
All holiday parks and camping grounds have rubbish disposal facilities for guests.

Metered and timed street parking may be used by motorhomes and campervans as long as the vehicle does not extend beyond the end of the white line which marks the parking space. A parking lot for motorhomes that don't fit in standard street parks is available at the Dunedin Railway Station.

Environmental Care
  • Respect our cultural heritage. Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula have a spiritual and historical significance to tangata whenua, the local Maori people.
  • Protect and respect our plants and animals. Penguins, seals, sea lions and albatross are sensitive to people.
  • Remove all rubbish
  • Leave no trace of your visit.
  • Use public toilets provided - refer to map page 28 for Peninsula locations (2011 Dunedin A to Z Visitor Guide).
  • Many walking tracks on the Otago Peninsula cross private property. Accordingly, please remember to treat access in a responsible and respectful manner, as it is a privilege not a right.
  • No outdoor fires may be lit without a permit.

All the best with planning your trip and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Freedom Camping Brochure (pdf)

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